Since 2006 we have been designing bilingual and multilingual albums and picture books which reflect cultural diversity, enhance languages and aim to raise awareness of linguistic plurality. Major and minor languages share the same importance. Our books are designed in collaboration with linguists, teachers, artists and illustrators.

Our training tools aim to equip teachers, librarians and social workers with useful skills. Our target audience is anyone who is working with migrants or interested in teaching French as a foreign or second language, with different pluralist approaches such as language awareness, interculturality.

We offer creativity workshops for children and adults that stimulate the audacity as well as the artistic sensitivity and that connect languages and the pictorial language.

Our values


of linguistic and cultural diversity


of books as they raise awareness and  pass on values


of artists and illustrators


with our European only partners and suppliers (graphic designers, printers)


in approaches which, like ours, mix risk, originality and patience


of our audience which campaigns for and promotes these same values