Suzy lit

Picture book in 10 languages about library materials. Digital version only

  • Author - Illustrator : Virginie Kremp et Isabelle Barat
  • Type of book : Picture book
  • Illustrations : Coloured
  • Language : French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Russian
  • Pages : 36 pages
  • Type of cover : soft cover
  • Publication date : 2008
  • Age group : 3+
  • Format : 0 x 0.0 cm
  • ISBN : 978-2-9700537

Suzy enters a room full of books and magazines. Readers discover the lexicon of book in 10 languages.

For parents or teachers: read the book to the child in the language(s) he/she knows. The child can learn the words in his or her own language(s) as well as in the language of the school. In doing this, children learn about linguistic diversity. 

For Teachers: This book lends itself to different classroom activities such as observing different alphabets and languages. It raises students’ awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity and helps children develop values such as tolerance.

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